A mini drome built for Red Bull by Swagger LLC was debuted Thursday night at Club Firestone in Orlando, Florida.

According to the Red Bull website, “From its roots across the pond, Red Bull Mini Drome will take its debut lap in the States with a stop at Central Florida’s own Club Firestone. Red Bull Mini Drome brings skill, speed, balance, and braves together on a steep and shrunken version-far from the traditional velodrome, to give competitors the most challenging and treacherous ride of their lives with track speeds reaching up to 50mph.”

The mini drome will see action in Montreal, Toronto, and Vancouver in the coming months.

Swagger has also been hired to time these events.

Click here for photos of the event from the Orlando Sentinel.

Below are photos and two brief videos courtesy of Swagger:

Riders Testing Red Bull Mini Drome

Final Stage of Red Bull Mini Drome Construction

Red Bull Mini Drome Being Set Up In Orlando

Mini Drome In Action In Orlando

Swagger Builds Mini Drome For Red Bull