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One week in Chicago, the next in DC, then off to Boise, followed up by a cross country adventure to NYC and don’t forget about that week in Minnesota. What do you mean it doesn’t seem realistic that your team’s budget won’t cover the cost to travel the country? Is chasing the NCC or NRC calendar a hit or miss reality? But you’re a beast!

We are proud to announce the 2014 Southeast Regional Series! It is no mystery that the Southeast states house some of the best riders and teams in the country. The Southeast Regional Series (SRS) provides you, the undiscovered talent of the Southeast a stage to shine and, well, be discovered!

SRS allows modestly budgeted Elite & Amateur level cycling teams the opportunity to focus on an affordable series and chase a Championship. With the full backing of USA Cycling, reasonable driving distances and challenging courses designed to attract National level competition, we have made it easy for Team Directors to plan their 2014 calendar.


Event Schedule:

May 17-18: Albany, GA

June 14-15: Huntsville, AL

July 19-20: Asheville, NC

August 9-10: Knoxville, TN

September 13-14: Greenville, SC


SRS Event Categories:

Men: Pro 1/2, Category 3, Category 4, Category 5

Women: Pro 1/2/3, Category 4

Masters Categories: 35+ 1/2/3, 35+ (4/5), 50+ (open)

Juniors (boys and girls): 10-12, 13-14, 15-16, 17-18


Press Releases and Media:

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